Mission and values


Our mission is to augment and amplify the capabilities of people and organisations using artificial intelligence.


These are the values that hold in our lab and with our collaborators.

Excellence: We do excellent work. We undertake projects that benefit people. This means sometimes taking a slow approach to science, while other times being able to rapidly try out ideas to fail early. We accept change and new ideas.

Human-centredness: Our focus is on augmenting and amplifying human potential. We study how people use (and don’t use) AI tools. Rather than just measuring accuracy, correctness, computational cost, etc., we also consider factors that amplify people’s capabilities, such as understandability, usefulness, and confidence.

Collaboration: Our work is inherently inter-disciplinary because it is problem-driven, not discipline-driven. We work in teams to jointly explore problems and solutions. We communicate often and clearly, share ideas, and help each other, even if it is not directly part of our role.

Respect: We respect each other, what every individual brings to a collaboration, their time, their ideas, and their culture. We listen to each other, provide constructive (not destructive) feedback, we are on time with meetings & deliverables, or let people know if we will be late.

Personal wellbeing: We operate at our best when we are happy in our personal lives and are well rested. Weekends and evenings belong to us, not to our employer. We work hard and smart during work hours, but self, family, and friends always take priority.